Primary, Dental, and Behavioral Health

Transportation Aide / Records
Department: Medical
City/State: Texarkana, TX
Type: Fulltime
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Date Posted: Sep 12, 2022

Requires one (1) year experience in the public transportation field or one (1) year experience as a direct care provider in human services field.

To provide transportation services for clients of Special Health Resources. Position may also be responsible for providing deliveries of supplies for agency and/or clients. Also required to provide general maintenance for vehicles. Responsible for safety of clients receiving transportation services. Responsible for seeing that maintenance, repairs, and cleanup are performed on van. Position requires good independent judgment skills. Ability to reassess schedule and make adjustments on a moments notice. Documentation abilities. Ability to lift and carry 5O lbs. of weight five feet. Oral and written communication skills.

Primary responsibilities are typically; organizing and maintaining the filing systems for medical services and medical records, support staff for answering telephone, scheduling appointments, providing the public general information, and taking/delivering messages. Other significant responsibilities may include preparing correspondence, checking and sorting the mail, imputing information into databases.

High School Dipoma or GED




Long Term Disability

Life Insurance