Department: Dental
City/State: Tyler, TX
Type: Full Time
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Date Posted: Jul 27, 2023
  1. Current DEA license preferred.
  2. Ability to provide network leadership and clinical guidance.
  3. Insurability for professional liability.
  4. Eligible for Medicaid and Medicare compensation.
  5. Current Mental and physical health sufficient to meet the demands of the position.

The Dentist position is responsible for making sure that patients of all ages have their oral care needs covered. They are also responsible for providing their patients with the information that they need to prevent any problems from occurring to their teeth and mouth. This may include information on what foods should be avoided, how they can maintain proper dental health, and much more.

They are required to help patients to recover from any diseases that affect the oral cavity. Diagnosis, preventative care, and treatment procedures to the teeth and mouth.

  1. Good multi-tasking ability.

General PC background.

Able to schedule work activities according to priority.

Ability to complete documentation in legible and professional manner.

Ability to relate to the public in all areas (racial, ethnic, and economic).

Must be self-directive.

  1. Good written and oral communication skills.
  2. Collaboration Skills.
  3. Flexibility.



Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

  • Responsible for preventative and restorative oral procedures
  • Work with dental hygienists and dental assistants
  • Evaluate the current health and condition of their patient’s teeth to determine diagnosis of dental condition, if any
  • Inform their patients on how to prevent dental problems and keep their teeth and mouth as healthy as possible
  • Complete treatment on affected gums, decayed and fractured teeth, and perform tooth removal for cases where there are high levels of decay
  • Consider treatment methods and explain the options with the patient to determine which works best for them based on their situation
  • Keep all equipment functional and clean
  • Maintain dental files for all patients
  • Monitor and evaluate any x-ray images for any part of the patient’s oral cavity
  • Refer patients to orthodontists or other dental specialist for more advanced procedures and care
  • Adheres to all agency policies
  • Makes appointments as needed and assists staff with scheduling
  • Assists in preparing programmatic reports
  • Other duties as assigned.

DDS or DMD from a national accredited institution






Life Insurance