HIV/STD Screening & Treatment

HIV/STD Testing

Special Health Resources offers HIV/STD testing, on a fee-for-service basis, to all persons requesting a test. High-risk persons are eligible for free HIV testing along with an extended risk-reduction counseling session. High-risk individuals have had unprotected sex, sex with multiple partners, or sex in exchange for drugs or money. They may have also shared needles or other equipment for injecting drug use. Clients can also choose between confidential testing (using their name and contact information) or anonymous testing (no name or identifying information is used).

HIV/AIDS Services

Since 1988, Special Health Resources has provided comprehensive HIV/AIDS primary health care services and has become a nationally recognized leader in HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment. SHR’s team of health care professionals includes physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, social workers, prevention counselors, and more. In addition to primary health care and dental care, our services include case management, medication adherence counseling, educational workshops, financial assistance, and wellness services.

SHR offers comprehensive medical care and case management to clients who are receiving Ryan White services. The goal of case management is simple: advocacy. Medical Case Managers advocate the rights of all clients and ensure that they maintain access to medical care and treatment. Medical Case Managers are also available to clarify complicated medical jargon and assist clients with developing a short-term and long-term plan of care. In addition, Special Health Resources offers CRCS (risk-reduction), Perinatal (women who are pregnant or may become pregnant), and HEI (HIV Early Intervention for substance abusers) case management services. We also assist uninsured/underinsured clients with applying for medication assistance programs.

In addition to medical and case management services, SHR offers psychological support services, dental care, temporary and long-term housing assistance, and nutritional counseling to clients receiving Ryan White services. If you or someone you know is HIV positive, please make an intake appointment with one of our case managers. Upon your initial visit, you will need to provide:

  • Two forms of ID (driver license, state identification card, birth certificate, voter registration card, etc.)
  • Proof of Texas residency (utility bill, lease agreement, etc.)
  • Proof of HIV positive status (Western Blot)
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of insurance (if applicable)

You will also be required to sign agency consent forms, and a case manager will administer several assessments. Please allot at least two hours to complete the intake process. For more information, please contact the Special Health Resources Ryan White Clinic at: 903-234-8808 and ask for Ryan White scheduling.