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HIV/AIDS Testing, Prevention, and Treatment

HIV/AIDS is a scary term to many people, understandably. However, while no cure currently exists that can eradicate HIV from a person’s body, modern medicine offers several treatments that help manage the disease, prevent the spread of the virus, and help you live a full life with peace of mind. These treatments are called antiviral treatments (ART). Your physician will run tests to see which treatment is right for a patient. The first step is to administer testing to see whether you have the virus at all.

If you believe you may have been exposed to the HIV virus, contact us to schedule a free HIV test and learn how to move forward with hope and purpose.

Hepatitis C Testing, Prevention and Treatment

A patient can be tested for Hepatitis C via blood screening. If you are at high risk of exposure to Hep C, we highly recommend you be tested even if you do not have symptoms. If you test positive for Hep C, your doctor will issue additional testing to identify the genotype of the virus and determine whether you have any liver damage. Several types of antiviral medications are available as treatments for Hep C, but it is important to treat the disease as early as possible. If you believe you’ve been exposed to Hep C, please give us a call immediately.

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Phone: (903) 501-1747