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“Behavioral health” and “mental health” are often believed to be the same thing. Although these two fields of medicine have similarities, they also have some important differences. Mental health is usually considered a subcategory of behavioral health and covers only one aspect (i.e., counseling). On the other hand, behavioral health is a comprehensive approach to lifestyle diseases such as anxiety, depression, obesity, diabetes management, substance use disorders, and the like.

Our treatments include lifestyle changes, medication, and counseling because we believe many of these diseases affect the whole person. So treatment should involve the whole person as well—mind, body, and soul.

Substance Abuse


“Just quit” is one of the least helpful statements anyone can say to a person who suffers from a substance use disorder. There is no quick fix, and ending substance abuse takes much more than breaking habits. Even if a patient has gone through detox and cravings are no longer present, relapse is still possible. This is especially so if they face triggering circumstances, such as stress, depression, anxiety, or other situations unique to the individual. Counseling provides a source of stability and an outlet for processing, which helps develop positive and constructive methods for managing stress and dealing with sudden cravings.

The Suboxone Program

If you or a loved one struggles with opioid dependence, Suboxone is one of the most effective and successful programs available to aid in addiction recovery. Prescribed by your doctor, Suboxone is an oral medication that suppresses withdrawal symptoms and silences cravings. However, this program is not just a prescription pill. It is an integrated approach to healing.

If you are interested in learning more about or trying out the Suboxone Program, please give the Texarkana Care Clinic a call to schedule an appointment.

Phone: (903) 501-1747