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We have been an East Texas resource for specialized behavioral health and substance abuse treatment for over 20 years. If you or a loved one suffer from any manner of behavioral health problems including substance abuse, alcohol use disorder, anxiety, depression, diabetes, anorexia, bulimia, or a similar struggle, the Tyler Care Clinic is here to help.

Many people equate behavioral health with mental health. However, mental health is just one aspect of behavioral health. Behavioral health takes a comprehensive approach, providing treatment for the whole person, mentally and physically.

At the Tyler Care Clinic, behavioral health services range from prescribing medication, counseling, nutrition, and more. If you need help finding quality behavioral health care in Tyler, the Tyler Care Clinic is here to serve you.

Substance Abuse Treatment

For people who specifically suffer from alcohol or substance abuse, we offer a proven program called the Suboxone Program. This program incorporates an integrated approach to recovery which includes counseling as well as prescribed medication. Suboxone is the first medicine of its kind that can be taken at home, rather than requiring medical oversight. Most medications designed to help you overcome substance abuse have addictive properties in themselves, which makes them quite dangerous. Suboxone minimizes cravings and withdrawal symptoms without being addictive in its own right. Our integrated approach has been proven effective at helping our patients find hope, purpose, and recovery.

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Phone: (903) 501-1747