Tyler Care Clinic Troup Hwy

Phone: (903) 501-1747

Fax: (903) 630-5456 (Medical)
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Address: 4519 Troup Hwy, Tyler, TX 75703

The doctors and medical staff at the Tyler Care Clinic are happy to serve you and your family in Tyler, TX with comprehensive primary care, including basic internal medicine, family care, pediatrics, OB/GYN, and prenatal services. We will be your primary care provider handling your annual wellness exams, basic symptoms and health concerns, and providing preventative health care and counsel.

Our mission is to give everyone in East Texas easy access to quality health care. That’s why our high standard for excellence includes both hiring exceptional medical personnel and offering outstanding health care at an affordable cost. Because of our commitment to accessibility, we accept most insurance types, including medicaid, medicare, and CHIP.

We also handle all referrals if you need to see a specialist. Our office will check to see if your insurance coverage includes the specialized services you need and continue to provide you with basic health care and integrate any treatments suggested by your specialist into your overall care.

Women’s Health

Our doctors and medical staff are specially trained to handle women’s health concerns with extra care. We are proud to provide the women of East Texas with convenient and excellent OB/GYN care, including routine checkups such as pelvic and breast exams, prenatal and postnatal care, birth control and family planning services, and general primary care.

Men’s Health

Our doctors offer many specialized services for men including regular checkups such as testicular exams, cholesterol tests, prostate exams, and general primary care.

Contact us to schedule an appointment with a primary care doctor in Tyler, TX.

Phone: (903) 501-1747